Soapy News!

Everyone loves baby goats...they're so adorable!  I love their boundless curiosity, their enthusiasm for the most mundane, and the process of watching them grow. This year, especially, I am so grateful for baby goats!  Here's the back story... Last year I had ONE BABY GOAT.  Just one.  I should have had closer to 20 little fur babies dancing, prancing, and frolicking in the pen.  Annabelle joined the herd around Easter of 2018, the solo progeny of my buck, Dudley. Dudley...
So the biggest project of late has been putting together a TV ad/commercial.   This is a BIG DEAL.  I'm not just talking financially, I'm talking about reaching thousands of homes and people's minds for the first time.  It's daunting.  What message, what branding, what will they remember?? It was scheduling time for the creative process to get the wording and branding set to my preferences.  It was primping myself (and NOT the goats) for the crew to come and...
I recently had a customer at market remark that a certain scent triggered an, "olfactory memory" of her grandmother's house.  She fondly recalled a childhood time frame in her life, and her beaming smile said it all.  She said, "I'll have to look up just WHAT scent the soap was she used...but this scent is the same." Scents are fun things.  The can be pleasant, pungent, and at times, unappealing.  It's interesting to watch people sniff through the display when...

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