Soapy News!

Boots, the domineering doe of the herd, started the 2022 kidding season with twin boys (bucklings).  She is salty, sassy, and a well seasoned mother who is attentive and always very vocal with her kids. From the moment they are on the ground, she is incessantly bellering, yelling, and calling to them.  She is "that" mom! I didn't think to check the girls on Friday morning like I regularily do during kidding season; I thought that they were all 2+ weeks...
Today I made a facebook post with a picture of the soaps and the ribbons I used to handcut...and tie...and lovingly stack into wooden boxes in the upstairs bedroom of my home.  It was a fantastic trip down memory lane for me.  So much has changed in 7 years!  I know some of my loyal customers miss those little ribbons, and the unique beauty of each design evident to the eye.   We're tactile beings, we like to smell, see, and...

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