About us

Simple Soaps For Simple Folks officially began business in January 2009 after the owner gifted some handmade goat milk soaps to friends and family in December 2008. A few Flea Markets and an approved application to the Downtown Rochester Farmers Market, and Simple Soaps For Simple Folks had a customer base.

Personality and fun was the owner’s objective in starting a soap business, and that is obviously reflected in the seasonal scents and shapes; however, a unique shape can be found year round because Simple Soaps For Simple Folks’ “signature” is detailed molded bars of soap with a cloth ribbon tied neatly around it.

In February 2010, Solid Hand Lotion bars were introduced and accepted with enthusiasm by customers. Certified organic base oils, local beeswax, and essential oil scents are the key components to the hand lotion bars. LIPP(iness), the line of lip butters, was introduced in March of 2010, and also has certified organic base oils and local beeswax as ingredients.

The Rochester Post Bulletin has featured Simple Soaps For Simple Folks four times in different articles, and the Agri-News publication featured the owner and her goats on the front page of the November 2012 issue. Other local Minnesota media sources have written articles and featured Simple Soaps For Simple Folks in their publications since 2009 as well, The COBB Radio aired an interview with Shanna McCann about her business in June of 2013.

Our Address

6251 County Road 105 NW
Byron, MN 55920

Options For You

We have soapmaking classes for groups over 5 or more throughout the year, wellness and craft classes, book club meetings, and opportunities for you to milk the goats. Seasonally you can meet the newest goat babies, too!   

Contact Shanna at shanna@igoatsoap.com for more info!

Mission Statement

Simple Soaps For Simple Folks mission is to create a quality bar of handcrafted goat milk soap for YOU, the customer, to use, gift and above all, ENJOY! We do this by using certified organic base oils, avoiding synthetic color/pigments, utilizing our fresh goat’s milk, and producing small, artisan batches of soap to preserve quality and craftsmanship.

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