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Because Our Customers LOVE US...well, for sure they love the SOAP we produce!

Getting feedback from customers is always a delight. If you have some thoughts that you’d like to share about how the solid hand lotions, lip butters and soaps are working for you, please share them with us!

Your comments may be plastered on the cover of the brochure or featured in the e-newsletter! You’re just one step from being “published!”

Farm Phresh

De Solo, WI

We are SO THANKFUL for your Uplift soap! It is the only soap we have ever found that gets rid of (and helps prevent) farmer funk! The natural oils in it are way more effective at bacterial (i.e. armpit stink) control than any commercial soap we have used, and it feels and smells great. My other favorite product is the Paradigm salve, I take it everywhere with me. It is so light and moisturizing, I slather it all over my face, lips and body, and there are NO CHEMICALS! So I put it all over the baby too. Best stuff ever! Thank you for your craft!

Liza G.

La Crosse, WI

I found these products at the farmers’ market in La Crosse and bought a tin of the hand lotion based on smell. I was floored by the quality. I have had life – long dry and sensitive skin, and diabetes has caused very painful cracked skin on my feet. NOTHING has worked as well as this lotion. I have tried dozens of types and brands of lotions, butters, and creams, from high end skin care company products to salves for livestock, especially in the winter. I cannot stress enough how vastly superior these lotions are. I am so, so thankful for your products. Whatever I can do to help spread the word and promote your business, please let me know. There are countless soap and lotion makers in the world, but YOU have the gold standard for quality.

Deb Becker G.

Galesville, WI

I love your soaps for my sensitive skin. Gave Christmas versions of your guests soaps to each of my two dear friends as a sampler. They were very pleased. My sister-in-law was happy to buy soap from you at the Winona Farmers Market on Saturday. The word is spreading!!

Richard D.

Shoreview, MN

Nice product! I like it. I hate seeing all the chemicals in bar soap….so this is nice to use. Having sensitive skin as well it was nice to use something that doesn’t give me a rash. Thanks very much. Do you plan on a shampoo in the future? Thanks again, nice that my $$ goes to a mn business. Have a great day.

Debbie C.

Rochester, MN

I just wanted to share with you a little praise from my dad. He just told me that he had a cut on his thumb that wouldn’t heal/close up due to being so dry, he put moisturizer on it, tried covering it up for a couple days and it just wouldn’t heal. He ran out of his “normal” soap and began using your soap, his cut healed-up within two days! He attributes it to the soap! Just thought I would share, I thought it was great!! Have a wonderful day.

Maribeth P.

Rochester, MN

You KNOW how much I love your soaps! My one friend has a granddaughter who has skin issues and your soap has been a blessing!

Teresa S.

Platteville, MN

Simply soft forever thanks to Simple Soaps!

Leah M.

Kerman, CA

Thank you for the speedy delivery. My apartment smells heavenly!

Joan D.

Pueblo, CO

Thanks so much for your prompt order – I love your soap – it lathers great and makes my skin feel so soft!

Janet W.

Kenyon, MN

My friend had given me some wonderful products from your store and said she never buys anything there for herself, only gifts, so I’d really like for her to come in and get some products for herself!!

I love the lemon (limou) hand cream and the lip balm especially. The soaps smell so pretty and look so pretty too!!! I believe that I, too, will become a regular customer – not only for myself but for gifts as well!! You make wonderful products!!! Cheers!

Alicia E.

Altura, MN

Hi Shanna! I wanted to share something new I learned with your solid hand lotion. It works really well for kids if they get a very chapped lip that they won’t stop licking. Ireland has a very stubborn sore, super chapped spot just above her upper lip and I have tried everything (Vaseline, lotion, triple antibiotic ointment, Aquaphor, etc…) and none of those made it go away. We were watching Lizzy cheer at a basketball game Friday night and Ireland needed something on that lip and all I had was my tin of Paradigm solid hand lotion so I put it on her. It is healing up, FINALLY! I just had to share how your products continue to amaze me. If I don’t make it into the store before Christmas, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ann P.

Stillwater, MN

I was a religous user of liquid soap mainly because I hated the way bar soap disolved in a soap dish. You changed my beliefs. The bars hold together very well and the soap is marvelous. I have now swapped out my liquid dispensers for pretty soap dishes to compliment your wonderful soap :)

Ocean C.

Knoxville, TN

I just received some of your lotion bar as a Christmas gift and wanted to thank you personally for making a wonderful, safe product that my daughter and I are enjoying immensely! It relieves our winter itchy skin wonderfully and smells great! 

Heidi H.

Rochester, MN

I am so delighted and impressed by the special touches: fabric ribbons, hand-stamps and a lip butter tucked into the packaging. My plan for 2011 is to give your products as gifts for every possible occasion.

Jan P.

Rochester, MN

See you next time and I will want to smell the new scents! Bathing with the soaps is so pleasurable- Aromatherapy in the shower or bath or just washing my hands!!! Yummy!

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