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Simple Soaps for Simple Folks

 In 2007, I received 2 goats as gifts, and now Jess, Willy and their friends (now numbered at thirteen total!) produce the milk that I integrate into the bars of soap.

Simple Soaps For Simple Folks came to be the day I learned to make hand soap from a dear friend who is a very practical, yet fun-loving woman.
I was hooked, and I had lots of goat milk to begin experimenting with!

I handcraft cold process soap in artisan batches without synthetic dyes, petroleum, preservatives, or funky junk ingredients.  The soap must cure for 4-6 weeks before it's ready for use. I believe good things take time and patience, and hope that everyone enjoys the quality products I've created.

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How Goat Milk Soap Is Made

Green Tea Leaves


Milking the Goats

The goats milk is an important ingredient; in our 4 oz standard bar, about 1/4th of it is our creamy, grain free goats milk.

Green Tea Leaves


Batching the Soap

Production is done in artisan batches, and the molds, oils/fats, scenting, batching magic all happens in this facility.

Green Tea Leaves


Presenting the Product

 After a 4-6 week cure on racks, the soaps are trimmed, boxed, and labeled.  They patiently wait on shelves in the finished goods trailer until the right customer or event orders them to new homes.

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9 Reasons to carry our products

  • Certified organic base oils =                       Quality ingredients
  • Happy goats mean lots of healthy             milk in the soap; all from my herd
  • Unique, molded soap shapes that             are pretty and practical + eye                     appealing
  • Favorable wholesale discounts
  • Private branding options
  • Production can be scaled up
  • In business since 2009 - that
             means 11 years of solid business                 practices and customer 
             relationship building
  • Soaps have GTINs and eco-                       friendly packaging
  •  40+  essential & fragrance oil                      soap scent options

we love it when you love it

Just a few of our products

Goat Milk Label - Lemongrass
Goat Milk Label - Lemongrass

Goat Milk Label - Lemongrass

Goat Milk Label - My Favorite
Goat Milk Label - My Favorite

Goat Milk Label - My Favorite

Fern Frond - Lemon & Rosemary
Fern Frond - Lemon & Rosemary

Fern Frond - Lemon & Rosemary

Heart Oval - Balance
Heart Oval - Balance

Heart Oval - Balance


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Please email Shanna at shanna@igoatsoap.com for pricing and all the soapy details.

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