Soapy News!

Everyone loves baby goats...they're so adorable!  I love their boundless curiosity, their enthusiasm for the most mundane, and the process of watching them grow. This year, especially, I am so grateful for baby goats!  Here's the back story... Last year I had ONE BABY GOAT.  Just one.  I should have had closer to 20 little fur babies dancing, prancing, and frolicking in the pen.  Annabelle joined the herd around Easter of 2018, the solo progeny of my buck, Dudley. Dudley...
As May approaches, there's a looming end to the availability of soapmaking classes.  It would be ideal to teach the classes year round, but spring and summer events are all consuming.  Inventory creation, boxing of product, and the physical act of being present at events makes scheduling tight.  I don't think I could squeeze another minute out of any Thursday-Friday-Saturday from May through October!  The good news is that now through May I plan on hitting the soapmaking classes hard! ...
  It's the time of year when the weather shifts, just minimally, but enough to make every farmer, gardener, and outdoor enthusiast get itchy. The air seems sweeter, softer, the sun feels warmer...and nature responds with green shoots of vegetation.  Nothing would be better than getting out to play in the dirt of the fields, garden, backyard, or woods. The goats adore the added minutes of sunshine.  Basking in the sun fits their job description, along with nibbling tender green...

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