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This weather...the extreme changes!  Fog, rain, freezing drizzle, snow, frigid temps; we've seen it all here at the farm the last two weeks.  The thing that has been lacking is sunshine, and while the snow cover helps to amplify the weak light we get, I'm ready for a good, strong dose of vitamin D.  

It's what I call the armpit of winter.  The same routines.  The same daily patterns.  It feels as if there are so few things to be grateful for, to be excited about, or to feel anticipation for.  Roads are tricky, varying from day to day...and so getting out to do something other than groceries, banking, or another necessary errands seems an overwhelming challenge.  It's hard to envision a sunshine-filled day, much less imagine and plan for a hot summer day spent working in a garden bursting with green life.  

Today I'm looking for winter blessings.  I discovered that I have a whole barn full of them.  Yep.  Baby goats!  

Those winter blessings jump, hop, adventure, and curiously check out every thing with their brand new eyes.  I have discovered that I can sit for close to twenty minutes soaking in their attention and antics.  Some nuzzle on my boots, while others playfully rear up on their back legs to get a better view, or perhaps it's just to see if they can climb up me!  Others zip around the barn, tails curled tight to their backs, prancing. Their soft fur is a wonder to me, as are their nibbling mouths.  These babies bring me so much joy.  I can only imagine what it is to have a REAL human baby...the awe, the amazement at how they grow and behave as they grow.

I talk to these winter blessings of mine, these baby goats.  I chide them for being naughty, I encourage them to explore, I laugh at their goat-y games. All it takes is one rowdy one, and the whole group is suddenly bouncing, head butting, zipping around. Cuddling any little one that is close enough to snag is mandatory.  The weight of them in my arms, and their easy submission to be held close melts my heart.  They talk to me, too, with funny happy nickers, sighs of contentment... sometimes bleats of complaint when picked up...and with light feet as they dance down the barn alley. 

Tomorrow I'll go to the barn and soak in the activity of these winter blessings, and  I'll be grateful for what they show me to smile about.  Maybe the sun will decide to shine, too.


Ilene on

Beautifully written. My winter blessings are my squirrels. At the onset of the season, they were skittish, scurrying across the yard and up the tree when I opened the door. Now they know they are going to be fed a handful of peanuts, unsalted of course! Several are much braver, coming to within a few inches of my feet waiting for treats. I love them and talk to them. Like your goats, they bring much joy. Savor the moments!

Heather on

Wonderful winter blessings! Enjoyed it!

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