My ego would love to take credit for every last bit of soapy work that goes on here.  While I do personally batch each bar of soap, there's no way possible that I could count, trim, box, and label the soaps, too.

Enter my employees.  They save my ass, weekly, in countless ways.  As newbies, they struggled to learn each scent, each shape, and the flow and process that takes place from raw batch to finished box.  Given a few months of hands on experience, and they're the ones telling me when to order more labels, that the printer is on the fritz (AGAIN), and when inventory of certain scents are low.

They also are dedicated to the success of my business.  They smile, greet, and cheerfully help out the grumpiest of customers.  When it comes to promoting my business, my employees are the best.  I know some of my most loyal customers are because of my employee's good words.  That's not in their job descriptions, but they happily step in and act on my behalf. 

They also have been known to willingly take a shift at last second because I didn't have my head on straight when I scheduled two events and myself at the shop.  My employees have also been known to respond to an SOS to walk my dog, turn off my oven, and help me locate my cell phone as I'm frantic and flustered, running late to leave for an event. Again, they save me...without rolling their eyes or making snarky remarks.  Bless them!

What is in their job description?  Lifting heavy (like 40lbs) of soap up and down stairs, operating technology that can be finicky, repetitively labeling and boxing soaps, restocking shelves, counting money, scrubbing toilet, and the list goes on. Let's not forget that there's dealing with a partially psychotic boss!

How can I thank them for what they do?  I'm sure they'd suggest a raise.  I offer free soap, lotions, lip a perk for their job. I bring flowers from farmers market, offer sweet food treats, and do my best to express my eternal gratitude.  Thank you just doesn't seem like enough.

In the big picture of things, this business wouldn't be where it is with out them.  I'm grateful I can call them friends and employees, and I love them who they are, and for what their strengths and talents bring to this business. 

~With daily gratitude to Becca and Judy, my official employees, who deal with my craziness with levity and love...and to Kylie, Adriahna, Autumn, and Aubrey, my teenage crew of dedicated box folders.  Also many thanks to Donald, who adores my goats almost as much as I do.  He houses and tends to them like they're his own.  To Karen, Terry, and Daris, my landlords, who run errands, brainstorm, tackle projects, and pitch in to seasonally decorate the storefront--forever in your debt. Lastly, a thank you to Tim, who is always on the lookout for displays and creative ways to merchandise the soap, and enjoys discussing scenarios that help this business grow. 

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