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Hand Lotion Tube - Terra


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Terra, another word for earth, was created for all the Patchouli addicts out there who couldn't get enough of it from the Patchouli/Ylang Ylang soap bar! Several customers have remarked that they wear this lotion as a "perfume" of sorts. Groovy! Patchouli proves helpful in healing cracked or inflamed skin, acne, dermatitis, and eczema as well as tightening and toning the skin. It also helps regulate oily skin and dandruff. Ylang Ylang, the other incredible essential oil in this lotion, is known as an antidepressant, relaxant to the body, mind, and spirit, and is a reputed aphrodisiac. It calms anger, releases tension, lifts depression, and stabilizes mood swings. Hey, man, get in touch with your inner hippie with this solid hand lotion!

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