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Guest Rosebud - Terra Rose


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This unique scent is earthy/woody with a nice floral touch. Traditional floral scent lovers agree --this bar gets two thumbs up! It will make an unusual gift for the traditional floral scent lover YOU know. Palma Rosa is a product of a sweet smelling tropical grass that smells like a blend of Rose and Geranium oil. It is great for balancing the production of sebum, thus both dry and oily skinned people can appreciate the benefits of Palma Rosa. It is said to help release anger and grief. Rosewood essential oil is also an incredibly floral scent, yet woody toned. It is noted for being an aphrodisiac, antidepressant, and an emotional balancer. A few other great aspects of Rosewood are: stimulating new skin cell growth, regenerating tissues, and minimizing lines and wrinkles. Rosewood's last benefit is balancing dry and oily skin types. NOTE: Many people have issues with using Rosewood oil because they want to avoid destroying rainforests. The Brazilian government now requires that one new Rosewood tree be planted for every mature tree harvested.

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