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Guest Floral - Lady Shaver Soap


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Mango + Mandarin + Bentonite Clay = excellent shaving bar! Ladies, are you sick of dried out, cardboard legs after you've shaven with a commercial shaving cream? This wonderful bar is a fragrance oil scent, and the mandarin orange, mango, tangerine, and lemon-y tones in it are rewarding for all my customers who have requested a citrus bar! The Bentonite Clay is added to the soap to help smooth your skin as you shave. To use this bar you MUST wet your legs, pits, and/or the bar, lather up, and use a stick razor--electric razors are a no-no with this shaving soap! The lather is not as dense as your typical shaving cream, but it is a delightful, slippery lather that allows an effective, efficient shave. Refresh and enjoy your shaving time in the tub with this popular soap, the Lady Shaver!

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