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Soap On a Rope - Cedarwood & Bay


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This masculine bar fits into the "Gentlemen's Collection" with ease.

 Cedarwood is such a grounding smell; I appreciate it as an evening-soak soap to re-center and reconnect with myself. Cedarwood's finer points include easing any discomfort from respiratory problems, treating dandruff and oily skin, a strong anti-bacterial action, and an insecticide (that's why there were cedarwood chests!). Emotionally, Cedarwood is noted for calming anxiety, and diffusing fear.

 Bay essential oil has a very spicy smell. It is said to be useful on sore muscles and to stimulate hair growth. Bay is also noted for stimulating and uplifting the spirit, warming emotions, and giving life to exhausted emotions.

 Cedarwood/Bay is the best-seller in the "Gentlemen's Collection." Purchase some for the gentleman in your life!

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