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Circle - Shaver's Soap


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The classic men's scent of Bay Rum meets Bentonite Clay! You find Bay/Rum in men's toiletries, especially men's shaving soap. Spicy bay is softened with the sweet rum scent; sniffers on men of all ages seem to appreciate this scent. The Bentonite Clay is added to the soap to help smooth your skin as you shave. To use this bar you MUST wet your face and/or the bar, lather up, and use a stick razor--electric razors are a no-no with this shaving soap! The lather is not as dense as your typical shaving cream, but it is a delightful, slippery lather that allows an effective, efficient shave. If your guy is a classic, shaves with a stick razor, and is sick of his handsome face being dried out by commercial-type shaving creams/foam, then chances are this soap will appeal to him!

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