How we got started

My soaps were created because of a dream I had to milk goats. In 2007, I received 2 goats as a gift, and found they produced enough milk to satisfy my curiosity and build my dream.

Shamrock, Willy and their friends (now numbered at five total!) have produced the milk I integrate into my bars of soaps for you. I have organic dairy farming experience, and believe in self-sustainability. My lifestyle is something that some people would call simple.

Simple Soaps For Simple Folks came to be the day I learned to make hand soap from a dear friend who is a very practical, yet fun-loving woman. I was hooked, and I had lots of goat milk to begin experimenting with!

I handcraft cold process soap, which means the soap must cure for 4-6 weeks before it is sellable. I believe good things take time and patience; I love the texture and quality of my soaps after the curing period passes.

I hope you do, too.

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